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Mining is one of the oldest and most important contributors to modern civilization. All raw materials used to sustain life must either be mined or grown.

Surface Mining, though not without its temporary environmental impact, is vital to development. Extraction those minerals and precious metals that we all depend on for energy, electronics, transportation, infrastructure and other aspects of everyday life.

Surface phosphate mining in Jordan is highly regulated to protect the safety of miners and ensure the least environmental impact possible. Surface phosphate mining creates high paying jobs, supports local communities and Jordan economic.


Arkan performed several significant mining projects in such as Al-AbiadAl-Hassa Eshidiya mines  & Al-Russifah Mines


  • The Mining Processing


  • Drilling & Blasting
  • As all drilling and blasting works is the first step of mining.
  • Company have a wide and extensive experience
  • Design and implement a drilling and blasting patterns
  • Owned and run a fleet of drilling rigs of all  Drilling sizes
  • Have a qualified and licensed expertise


  • Overburden removal
  • For Over burden removal the company owns and runs Hugh fleet of :

* Excavators /Cat 6030- 16.5 m3 bucket capacity

* 100 & 50 tons Dump truck

* Wheel Loaders  different size (11.5 m3-5.0m3)


  • Mining phosphate

 As part of company commitment for developing the local community mainly all phosphate loading and hauling done by local sub- contractors.

Even that the company owned a fleet of ancillaries’ equipment’s such as (D9R dozers, 966H, 980G, 988F, 992G loaders and 14G graders).


  • Screening phosphate

 As all the company contracts with client phosphate screening are major activities the company owned a lot of mobile and stationary crushers and screens (Jaw & Rotary crushers).

  • Designing a more efficient , Suitable Crushing Method and Selective Heavy Duty Crushing Equipment
  • Crushers to decrease the Over Size
  • Installing High and Efficient Vibrating Screens for sizing the raw materials . After sizing the product will be classified as : Ready for direct export or through blending
  • Drying Phosphate by Direct Solar Yards
  • The phosphate ore should be evenly distributed over the drying yards for a thickness of 30 cm, to be dried by the direct sun light, during which it should be frequently subjected to plowing and turning. The end target is to reduce the moisture content.
  • Drying Phosphate by Dryer Unit
  • Drying System if the moisture content is high using heavy fuel operated furnaces.
  • As the salable phosphate product moisture content should not exceed 3-5% and the screened phosphate product moisture content is 8-11% the company owned and operated two dryers (12m driers) to reduce the moisture content.




Mining Processes