About Us & Our Vision

Arkan for Contracting Construction & Mining Works L.t.d was established 2011  , owned by Alown Advanced for Contracting to develop mining sector to be Limited liability Company with a paid capital equal fifty two  Million Jordanian Dinars. It has been registered by the Companies Control Department in the Ministry of Industry & Trade.

Our Vision

Arkan Co. will keep building highly qualified & well organized mining company that is capable to exploit Jordanian ores which habituation to Jordan as country and citizens.

Arkan has highly quantities of senior management that are capable of driving the company to be one of the most qualified and experienced companies in Mining sector.

Arkan is well known for its ability to complete projects on schedule.

Arkan developed specialized departments capable to:

  • Utilized the ores with minimum mining losses.
  • Flexibility and highly coordination with clients
  • Low cost mining rates.

We believe that our staffs are most valuable asset; thus, the company develops our mining sites infrastructure to be in world-class tier, which should ease our commitment to build a healthy environment for our prized employees.

  • Develop and apply world-class technology;
  • Embrace new ideas and adhere to high standard of business;
  • Improve efficiency of all the operations to hold and reduce costs;
  • Trust our clients, suppliers and employees;
  • Keep our words and commitments toward the local community.