Arkan Construction Contracting and pledges mining

Arkan Construction Contracting and pledges mining began its work in 2011, as an ally of the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company Ltd contributors and the company developed a helping Contracting.
And become one of the most important mining companies in Jordan, because of their technical staff qualified and trained able to do various mining work and to achieve the goals of the company, and what possessed of a fleet of vehicles and equipment capable of extracting phosphate from the ground.

The objectives of the pillars of the company to develop mining operations in different stages and upgrade them to the highest levels and the exploitation of natural resources in Jordan, especially phosphate, which contributes to the achievement of service to the nation and to support its economy.

Arkan is working to support the local community by striving to provide employment opportunities for citizens in general, through various mining projects its own in the center and south of the kingdom.

  •  staff of the company projects

The pillars of the company has implemented several projects of work removing rubble and phosphate mining and Krbelth at the White Valley mine sites and Hasa and Eshidiya.

Arkan was able to register growth in sophisticated and increase the size of its mining year after year and the following figure shows the quantities that were completed.
With respect to removing the rubble of Staff of the company has been able to bridge in 2013 accounted for 15 million cubic meters to reach the figure in 2016 to 29 million cubic meters.
With regard to the phosphate mining it has Arkan was able in 2013 that the mining accounted cubic meters, bringing the number to 2016
With respect to the phosphate Bkrplh Arkan Bkrplh tons in 2013 this figure rises to 2016 tons.

  •  steps Mining

The mining sector is generally considered one of the most important sectors that affect the development of communities and the main tributary to the national economy, and the most important mining sectors in Jordan is a mining phosphate, which are surface mining manner (open pit) and extraction of precious metals and industrial rocks within the best environmental conditions.
And keep track of the latest mining methods Arkan and scientific ways and steps of mining used as follows:
1. Drilling and blasting operations

Drilling operations are considered the first step of the mining operations, and owns a fleet of Arkan latest excavators Altfjarmat quality, high efficiency, and has a vast experience and comprehensive design and implementation of drilling networks.

It is well equipped for the purposes of the bombing, taking maximum safety during processing and through the technical staff qualified and trained to carry out these operations.

2. Remove the filling and phosphate mining operations
After blasting operations are removed reclamation operations (which is layered above the phosphate layer or raw) by making terraces at altitudes between 8-10omtar each terrace, and depending on the type and energy of the mechanism used, the width of the bench the one of 75-100mitr, which depend on the type of mechanisms transportation capacity is progress sequentially to maintain the display per the bench and take into account the preservation of the corners of Milan to the vicinity of crude to prevent any Anhiart, which depends on the quality of the rock that is removed so as to keep the amounts of phosphate in the raw mined fully and to maintain public safety at the site by following the mining procedures right in the mining operations.
The mechanisms used by the company.
1. Download the mechanics 6030Cat least Bakt volume of 16.5 m3.
2. transfer mechanisms 777DCat of not less than 100 gross tons.
Shall be set up mining roads in the mining field, taking into account the safety systems in the mining areas is maintained on the corners and tendencies roads, view, and for ease of movement and Mahafezhaly public safety at the site.
It is then phosphate mining operations using a fleet of special mechanisms of the bulldozers and Greider and Loaders. As the pillars of the company is working to support the local community by providing jobs, they are working to involve local contractors Almjmta in the transfer of phosphate and Krbeltha operations.

In addition, the company currently operates electrical Algarvat owned Jordan Phosphate Mines Company in Eshidiya mines They Garfh determination and dignity and Mutah as the pillars of the extensive experience the company has to maintain them despite her foot.

3. drying and phosphate operations Krplh

After mining the phosphate is transferred to the squares specialized operations drying and then transferred to the carpel and cracking devices and owns the pillars of vast experience Bntiv and design of these devices that run on Krplh phosphate and broken down within the closed-circuit system maximum of crude to take advantage within the required specifications and considers this method is the first company in Jordan.

  •  machinery and equipment

Arkan currently owns a fleet of the latest labor and specialized mining operations and the mechanisms that operate 24 hours has been the rehabilitation and preventive maintenance team level Mttorladamh work of these mechanisms.

And The Staff of the company’s fleet vehicles, and the following equipment:

– Excavators Cat 6030 F (6030 loading machines)
– Dump trucks Cat 777 B, C, D & 773B (Dnabr – transport mechanisms)
– Motor graders 140 G & 14G (Greider)
– Wheel loaders 988, 996, 992 (Lauder – loading mechanisms)
– Drill rigs (ATLAS COPCO (excavators bombing)
– Bulldozer (D9R, D9N (bulldozer).
– And mechanisms aid is
– Genset Generators All Size (electricity generators)
– Fuel Trucks (diesel tank)
– Anfo Trucks (tank ammonium nitrate materials bombing)
– Water Tanks (water tank)

As the pillars of the company founded concerns a high degree of professional processing, warehouses centralized high tune of at each site, equipped and fitted with the necessary equipment for the continuation of preventive and periodic maintenance of the mechanisms of the company’s operations and furnishings, as well as for the training of national manpower qualified and trained and Bmistoo developed to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the work less costs.

  • Quality Control

Because the quality taken control system characteristic of the pillars of the company from the other, they have to apply the latest management concepts and theories, as has been the installation of monitoring devices on mining mechanisms that operate on special programs in order to monitor the work of the mechanisms of operating errors that may occur and the need for mechanisms to maintain and monitor the consumption of fuel oils, to keep the sustainability and ensure the functioning fully.
The cameras have been installed in all accommodation and workshops and warehouses, to safety procedures and security measures.

  •  construction of facilities, housing, warehouses and maintenance concerns

And because the company believes that the human element qualified and environmentally appropriate action based on an ideal completion of the work, the company provides to its employees a range of services such as housing, proper medical clinics equipped doctors follow the workers’ safety and health conditions, in addition to salaries rewarding and other provisions Kalojbat daily and free stays full in the workplace and necessary social insurance, health services and training, rehabilitation and free transportation to and from work sites.

  •  maintain public safety
    The company’s management is keen on the safety of workers by committing to public safety and the environment according to the laws of the system
    OHSAS 18001 and to prevent traffic accidents, the company is working on the rehabilitation and training of staff to monitor the movement of the mechanisms by placing warning signs and guidelines in all work sites showing the general safety procedures to be followed.


  •  With regard to the outlook for Arkan, they look forward to:

– Expansion in the development of mining activities with the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company, leading to reduced production cost per ton of crude phosphate.
– Exploitation of distinctive experiences available in the evolving aid Contracting Company, which is the main partner in the corners of the company, which is the mining arm of the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company.
– Expansion in the development of the company’s business outside of Jordan, on a regional and global scale.
– Continue the training of qualified national cadres.
– Expansion in the exploitation of raw materials in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan of industrial minerals and rocks.
– Continue to create suitable for all employees in the company’s work environment.
– Continue to develop the company’s business through a comprehensive quality system.