Drilling & Blasting

As all drilling and blasting works is the first step of mining.

Overburden Removal

For Over burden removal the company owns and runs Hugh fleet

Mining phosphate

As part of company commitment for developing the local community mainly all phosphate loading

Screening Phosphate

As all the company contracts with client phosphate screening are major activities

Solar drying yards

The phosphate ore should be evenly distributed over the drying yards for a thickness of 30 cm

Dryer phosphate

As the salable phosphate product moisture content should not exceed 3-5%


Arkan For Contracting Construction & Mining Works L.t.d


Arkan for Contracting, Construction & Mining Works Ltd. was established 2011, as a leading Jordanian company in mining, earth moving and general contracting.

Since then, Arkan was awarded many mine development and mining contracts in Jordan. Arkan, carrying the legacy of the main company ( Alown Advanced For Contracting ) , building on their long experience in mining, supported by the highly qualified and well-developed staff, and a fleet of machinery capable of safely mining and handling millions of cubic meters of overburden and ore a year through its well-controlled operations of Drilling & Blasting, Loading & Hauling, Humidity Control (drying), and screening.

Throughout its projects, Arkan has always completed its milestones on or before the set deadlines, within or above the targeted quality, ensuring the safety and wellbeing to its employees, in addition to minimum impact to the environment within sustainable, lean, and green business solutions. On the other hand, Arkan is well known of its flexibility when pricing, always winning for its lowcost operations, minimizing loses, and uplifting performance, while developing and applying world-class technology and facilities, and embracing new ideas, and adhering to a high standard of business.

Recently, Arkan has updated its strategy to expand and is targeting jobs- within its capacity, with well-established companies inside and outside Jordan. Please do not hesitate to contact us on our contact means listed above for any inquiry or further information.